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  1. SkillsUSA Lead Advisor
    Sharon Cornellier
    SkillsUSA Lead Advisor English/Language Arts Instructor, Room 3447 Contact Ms. Cornellier for information regarding competitions, registration, website issues, special events and general information. [email protected] 978.454.5411 ext 5385
  2. SkillsUSA Co-Advisor
    Guy Gangemi
    SkillsUSA Co-Advisor CADD Instructor Room 2461 Contact Mr. Gangemi for information regarding the forms, registration, volunteer opportunities, general information, and special events. [email protected]
  3. SkillsUSA Co-Advisor
    Paul Pesce
    SkillsUSA Co-Advisor Programming and Web Design Room 2247 Contact Mr. Pesce for district conference preparation tips, innovative teaching tools and PDP/OSHA teaching and study tools, as well as general information. [email protected]
  4. Student Activities Coordinator
    Lauryn Cyr
    Student Activities Coordinator Contact Mrs. Cyr for general SkillsUSA information, and information regarding any of Greater Lowell Tech's student clubs and organizations. [email protected] 978.441.4417
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